Canada Camino

Aangen and Heart Space are Calling ALL hikers to join for the 5th Annual Canada Camino on the Bruce Trail in September 2021. More details will be coming soon.

Over six or seven days committed hikers intend to hike approximately 160km of the Bruce Trail from Mono Mills going North to remember and connect with the earth and to raise funds for environmental initiatives.

There are three ways you can get involved:

1) Hike with us! Join for as many days as your schedule permits. All hikers are encouraged to attempt to raise a minimum of $100 per day hiked or $500 for the full camino!

2) Sponsor us!

3) Cheer on the hikers by following us on instagram @aangen @shiragracetaylor #CanadaCamino and give us your support.


Each day has an approximately 20-25km hike through beautiful scenic Southern Ontario and offers all participants a chance to get active and explore the inner and outer terrain we live in.

In addition to our fundraising efforts, this hike is an opportunity to go beyond our day-to-day lives and open to something much bigger. With each step, we connect to mother earth who nourishes and sustains us, and we remember all the land ancestors who have taken care of her for millenia. We feel our interdependence with all life, we feel just this moment, and we are grateful. Challenges like this and like COVID-19 (a pilgrimage of it’s own!) are truly opportunities to open, to become humble, and to assimilate new understandings and ways of being in the world… It is a walk to heal the earth and our own hearts.



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