Minding Your Inner Monkey Workshops

Minding Your Inner Monkey Workshop Series

The Minding Your Inner Monkey Workshop Series is an evidence-based workshop series designed to support you in breaking through the challenges of depression, anxiety and stress. The workshops are founded on the principles of mindfulness, which is now extensively researched and supported in the scientific literature. As facilitators we carry a consistent approach encouraging participants to become mindful and aware of the present moment through a variety of different techniques and exercises done together and at home.  In addition, the workshops integrate the practices and understandings of yogic philosophy that have been shown to be helpful for people struggling with stress.  This includes yoga asanas (the physical postures), breathing techniques, and understanding the benefit of cultivating particular mental states such as gratitude. These workshops are OHIP covered.

minding_your_inner_monkey_skyPast participants reported the following:

“Very Good! Excellent in all areas. Very motivational”
“This workshop series has been the most helpful learning I’ve ever received on how to reduce stress, take care of myself and increase positive attitude and health! Thank you!”

“I loved Dr. Taylor’s amazing attitude to teaching/sharing what she knows.

“Very well rounded and grounded series. Understandable and doable. Excellent encouragement (coaching)”.


Upcoming workshops:

January 12th – Feb. 23rd 2015
Mondays 6-9pm
Location: TBA

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