One-on-one psychotherapy can be a very useful tool in helping us to work through life’s inherent suffering and challenges. We all have the battle scars of life and might even consider ourselves to be “damaged goods”. In the living of life, however, we also develop our unique strengths, capacities and qualities. Just as no tree in a beautiful forest is perfectly straight, smooth and balanced, no human being can ever be the ideal of perfection. In fact our very beauty lies in our uniqueness, our scars and our experiences. In our work together, I will support you in looking deeply into the nature of your suffering, bringing forth present moment awareness, insight, understanding, and self-compassion. We may also explore practical strategies for managing life’s challenges or examine your deeply held beliefs and values. As we work together towards unconditional self-acceptance, the possibilities for transformation and new choices emerge.

This can be a bit like learning to walk as a child. We first try and fall down on our bottom. Then we try again and fall down. With encouragement we keep try, try, trying again. Eventually we find ourselves wobbling around on two feet. Then we are walking and perhaps one day even running! It is helpful to have encouragement, support, and guidance through this process but in the end, we are walking on our own two feet and we are listening to our own highest wisdom.

Dr. Shira Taylor brings a diverse, integrative approach to working with individuals drawing from mindfulness-based practices, ACT, interpersonal psychotherapy, and CBT. Her sessions are covered by OHIP. Her waitlist is currently closed.


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