Workshop Guidelines

Confidentiality: Everything discussed in the group is confidential. Never, never identify the names or any identifying data about any of the group members. This also means that gossip amongst group members should not take place. We will discuss in group the differences between gossip and sharing.

Punctuality: As your own inner-coach, please try to keep all your appointments and be on time. See below for fees for being late, leaving early and missing sessions.

Support: During the workshops you will have an opportunity to support each other. When supporting another group member, speak from the heart about how something or someone is having an impact on you rather than giving directive advice (nobody likes being told what to do!).

Non-harmful speech: We can all feel upset by life challenges and sometimes our inner voice is not kind. This workshop requires that you find a new way to speak of yourself and your challenges, one that is not harmful to you or others. Speech that insults you or others is not permissible. Use the workshop as a laboratory for expressing your feelings in a constructive, kind manner.

Time-out: Always feel free to take time-out by stretching, standing, going to the washroom, or simply having a few moments alone in another room. Please return to the group room within 5 minutes. All sessions have a break time as well.

Participation: Sometimes participation means speaking up; other times it means being quiet. You must discern what will serve you and the other group members best.

Listening: Everyone in the group is important and deserves to be heard. Please hold your comments until the person who is speaking has finished.

Share the air: Please refrain from using perfumes/colognes on the day of the workshop. Please also do not smoke just before, and during the workshop time.

Individual Therapy: This workshop is not a substitute for individual therapy. If you find that the workshops have brought difficult feelings to the surface and you are needing additional support, please let us know and we will try to find appropriate supports and services for you.

As the group leaders, we may ask anyone who is not keeping to these guidelines to leave the group.

Fees: There are strict OHIP rules governing the timing and fees for groups paid to medical doctors. If you are present physically for the designated time, you pay for the group indirectly through your taxes, via OHIP. If you are not present for the designated time, then you pay for the group directly out of pocket, according to the following OHIP-based fee schedule.

Missed Session: Your $80 deposit will be retained if you miss a 3 hour group  and you will be asked to bring in a new $80 deposit for any subsequent missed sessions.*
Late Fees: approx. $12.50/half hour, or part thereof will be deducted from your deposit.**
* Missed session fees are charged regardless of the reason for the missed session.
** Late fees are charged commencing 15 minutes after the start time of the session, regardless of the reason for lateness. Same fees apply for early departures.

Late or Missed Sessions: Please call ahead or email to let one of us know, or another group member, know if you will be late or miss a session. Check out what you missed with another group member. Check out with me if you have a bill.
Repeatedly being late, leaving early, missing sessions, or not paying bills may result in termination from the group.


Discontinuing the Group: Groups take time to jell, so do not be surprised if you do not enjoy it or find it useful in the first few sessions. We strongly urge you to attend four sessions before discontinuing. However, if you wish to discontinue, here are some guidelines to make it easier for you, the other group members, and for us.
1. Advise us ahead of time, preferably by telephone, that you wish to leave the group at the next session.
2. Attend the next session, and remain for the duration of the session. This allows you to say your goodbyes, and deal with any unfinished material or questions. It also allows the other group members to say goodbye to you, which helps them move on as a group without you.
3. Pay for one missed session. Regardless of the number of remaining sessions.
4. Meet individually with one of us for at least one session. This allows you to address with me any concerns, questions or grievances you may have.

I have read the ‘Group Workshop Ground Rules’ and agree to comply with them.

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