Retreats, whether one day or several days, are a wonderful opportunity to step out of the fast pace of urban living and turn our attention inwards. Through periods of retreat, we begin to see more clearly the habitual thought and feeling patterns and distorted beliefs that we bring to our lives. This can help us to live more compassionately and consciously when we return to our busy schedules. Beyond this, through the silent practice of dwelling in present moment awareness, we may gain insight not only into our minds and lives but also into the fundamental nature of our being.

Community in Nature Retreat: August 14th 2021

After months of online workshops, this retreat is an invitation to leave your home and step consciously, into the living, breathing natural world around you.  It is also beautiful time to reflect on what gifts the earth has given you over the past year. It designed to for moments of movement, moments of stillness, moments of exploration and play, and moments of sharing.
This retreat is NOT in person. During the retreat we will connect to zoom online via audio only (ie you call with your telephone - a call in number will be provided) to allow you time and freedom to engage your five senses as you deeply take in your surroundings and the teachings mother nature has to share. We will also have time for group discussion, a short gentle movement practice and a yoga nidra practice.
Dates: Saturday August 14th 2021
Time: 9am - 12 noon
Location: Somewhere outdoors - somewhere near you - you get to choose
Cost: By donation - e-transfers can be made to


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