The 3 H’s: Head, Heart, Hands

The Head:

The “head” symbolically represents our mental and intellectual capacities. This includes our ability to think rationally, to feel emotions, and our ability to distinguish between what is ultimately real and what is illusory and impermanent.

The Heart:

The “heart” represents our highest wisdom and intuition. It is the part of our self that deeply knows beyond words what is the right course of action in a given situation.

The Hands:

The “hands” represent the physical and energetic bodies which allow us to live in the world and put our ideas into action in the physical world.

What is the relationship between the 3 H’s?

When the hands are carrying out actions that arise in the heart and are approved by the head, we will find that there is harmony within us.

If we take action that goes against our highest wisdom or if we fail to use our common sense, we may experience friction between these three parts of our self and anxiety and stress arise.

The discriminative capacity of the “head” is what helps us to distinguish between impulses/emotions and what is actually our highest wisdom. Sometimes these two can be confused and hard to distinguish. If we are unsure, it is often helpful to just wait and keep listening within patiently until the answer becomes clear.

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