Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a very simple practice (or so it seems!). 

It is the drawing of awareness to the flow of present moment experience (thoughts, feelings, physical sensations) with openness and an attitude of acceptance. That’s it! In doing this we train our monkey minds to come out of our habitual patterns of self-deception and negativity. In addition, mindfulness is an active practice which we can use to investigate the ways in which the mind gets caught and bring it back to the spaciousness within.

Despite its simplicity, mindfulness is tremendously powerful and can open us to our capacity to live a vibrant, awake life full of compassion and creativity. When practiced sincerely and diligently over time, it has the potential to liberate us from our suffering altogether! Phew!

Mindfulness Meditation at Heart Space:

30 min Sitting mindfulness meditation
20 min Mindful movement/activity
20 min Sitting reflective meditation
30 min Discussion
10 min Metta (aka loving kindness) meditation practice
10 min Closing

When: TBA
Time: 7-9pm
Location: 1007A Gerrard St. E, 2nd floor.
Cost: Please note this is NOT OHIP covered and therefore donations are welcome for the teachings offered.
Who: Anyone who would like to practice meditation with the support of a community and free themselves from their suffering!





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