Photography: Light on Life

Photography is both an amazing creative outlet and an incredible mindfulness practice. When I used to work in photography I called it “being in the zone”.  I remember developing a constant moment-to-moment awareness of the changes in light, colour, expression, movement, shape etc.  Photography requires of us complete attention to and concentration on our visual surroundings. Further, we can learn to drop the labels and concepts we have of the world to come into a more intimate relationship with what is (rather than what we think things are according to our preconceived ideas and impressions).  When we let go of language and concepts, everything “beautiful” or “ugly”,  has its own inherent perfection and merit.

So for those who would like a little creative exploration, please join me for this six week photography course starting May 23rd 2019. Please be aware that this course is not to teach you how to use a camera. In fact, I would suggest that participants simply use a phone camera as the focus will be on learning how to See differently. I am going to assume that you have a basic understanding of your own camera. Although I can do my best to answer technical questions as we go, I am not familiar with all the different digital models!

Each week will include discussion of a different theme or concept over a cup of tea. There will also be field trips to interesting sites in the neighbourhood as well as opportunities to take photos in and around the Blue Heron Studio itself. Participants will be encouraged to work on photographic themes throughout the week.


Past participants have reported:

 “The class was an absolute gem for me

 I highly recommend Shira’s courses and workshops. In her presence, I always experience even more richness and sacredness than I anticipated. Shira’s gentle spirit and great wisdom, her skills as a teacher and her lifetime as a photographer, all inform her programs and wake us up to joy and beauty!


Dates: May 23rd – June 27th 2019, Thursdays
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Location: Blue Heron Studio – 57 Devon Road – The studio is behind the main building.
Cost: $220 per person
Technical requirements:  Phone camera or other camera you are comfortable with using, internet data capability, drop-box access to share photos.
Registration: Email Payment can be made by e-transfer, cheque or cash

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